Purple Gaia is a small black owned business located in Georgia founded by a wife and mother of four. Her youngest son constantly struggled with dry skin, and eczema breakouts which motivated the mother to spend several months researching natural skincare remedies. A thorough study of commerical soaps and its ingredients led her to find out that many of the so-called great and costly soaps contained toxic ingredients such as synthetic dyes and strong detergents that make skin dry and itchy. When commerical store soaps are processed the glycerin is removed and sold as a seperate bi-product which can lead to all types of skin issues including eczema, dry, patchy, itchy and much more. 
The owner always had an entrepreneur spirt and dreamed of one day owning her own business. After taking several classes and quickly falling in love with the craft and art, she realised soap making was her passion. She was inspired to create a natural soap & skincare product line suitable for all skin types. She wanted her products to be natural, healhy, and affordable for all. One thing led to another, and her amazing products gained popularity among family, friends, & local businesses.   One of the most beautiful factors that makes Purple Gaia an incredible soap & skincare brand is that it started with the care of a mother, and a passion for healthy skin. Her persistence, determination, and belief in her natural products became an absolute success and now serving customers all over the world.